The Streets Of A New World Order Tracklist

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  1. Death Spell Omega
  2. The Chocolate City Anthem
  3. Visions Of The Living Photograph
  4. Slave Master Card
  5. The Barbarians Of Technology
  6. The Ravens Ring
  7. The Sunrise That Never Rose
  8. Mazes Of Purple Roses
  9. The Skeleton That Liked To Skribble
  10. The Un-dieing Sun
  11. Riots & Make Believe
  12. The Grand Grimoire
  13. The Vultures Of The Void
  14. Twilight Of The Sentinals
  15. I'll Beat Cha Up
  16. The Joystick Made Of Gems
  17. Delete The Elite
  18. Demonik Lies
  19. The New Age Revolution
  20. Beyond The Borders Of The Imagination
  21. Playa Choices
  22. Krystalis
  23. The Butterflies & The Buttercups
  24. Electric Daisies
  25. The Harps Of The Rebel Angels
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