Biografia Nino Porzio

Nino (Antonino) Porzio was on 4 June 1972 in Palermo (Italy) is born. At the tender age of 7 he discovered his love for the music, learned quickly, full of enthusiasm to play the drums. He started his first song-singing Italian evergreens in a folk group and sang tirelessly against ever-increasing audience.
1993 and 1994 he participated in the Italian music festival in Essen. Here he was an enthusiastic audience and expert scene-musicians finally encouraged his songs to burn on CD.
In 1995 he released his first album, "Pink." Nino again shows that he has an extraordinary talent, a soulful songwriter and is both soft ballads that can produce both danceable and catchy songs.
Nino in 1997 composed the song "Sogno". This song was selected from the Get Ready publisher and coupled in various disco sampler. The song has received tremendous support from the best clubs throughout Germany.
In the years 2000 to 2003, Nino many guest appearances on TV and radio programs in Germany, Italy and Belgium.
In 2001 he was in Rome on a singing competition "Voci Nuove Per La Discografia" (a talent show on RAI, Italy) Organizers: CBS Italia Edizioni Musicali e Discografiche part. Of 8,000 applicants, he was among the last 60 participants.
In 2003 he composed the song together with Ralf Möller "Ti Amo." The record company MCP Sound VM Record and published the song as a single at the same time there were several Verkoppelungen in over 40 different sampler with German, English and Italian stars like Celentano, John Lennon, Madonna, Elton John, Tony Marshall and many more.
2009, the title of "Ti Amo" from producer Ulrich Oakleaf "AKASA RECORDS" was proposed in France at the Cannes Film Festival as a soundtrack.
Nino in late 2010 early 2011 produced his latest album "Caruso" with eight original songs and cover Caruso in Naples (Italy). After a thorough sampling by Mint Records / Seven point VerlagsgmbH the album is released. It made compilations taken from the title of "Caruso" and "Luna" in various samplers (ZYX Music, Mint Records, DA Music, Goldammer, etc. ..). The current album is available in all major download-Shop
For all the "Italian Nights" Nino presented with his current project "Made in Italy" the most beautiful songs and evergreens from Italy.
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